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This blog may save you £73,000…

This blog may save you £73,000…   “I take home just over £1,500 a month, but by the time I have paid my rent, basic costs for my family and £324 in interest on a £13,000 loan from Barclays, I can’t afford to pay off any of my debts” explained a colleague to me recently. […]

Wealth Creation is a Great Achievement

Recently I wrote a blog asking the question whether profit is the only purpose for business and argued that for business to prosper it needed to consider a range of aspects. Last week Archbishop Vincent Nichols Catholic Archbishop of England in an article in the Daily Telegraph ahead of a conference with 200 business leaders […]

Finance: A Radical Rethink

“Disorganisation, randomness and chaos are increasing.” This is the world we live in according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, a natural law of physics. Signs of disorganisation, randomness and chaos are rife within our financial systems and without a radical rethink will continue to become more disorderly. Fraud across all sectors is growing at […]