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Bean Enough Said About Starbucks

Terrible word play aside, I wanted to finish this series of blogs by pointing out the strange, and perhaps hypocritical, approach that has been taken with regards to Starbucks and the other multinationals.  I also wanted to begin a new series of blogs about what the UK Government is, perhaps hypocritically, doing right for UK […]

Starbucks II

I wrote recently to describe my feelings towards to the vitriol aimed at morally repugnant tax-avoiding multinationals and thought I would just follow that up with a brief description of what happened when MP’s faced off against HMRC. Lin Homer, Permanent Secretary of HMRC, was questioned at the Public Accounts Committee and stood to defend […]

The Starbucks Contribution

By way of introduction I am a Chartered Tax Adviser and have joined Fitch Chartered Accountants to lead the tax team and ensure our existing and future clients have access to the best service in all areas of UK taxation.  In the spirit of ensuring our clients pay the right amount of tax as efficiently […]