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Pensions BrochureA guide to automatic enrolment and the employer dutiesPensions-Brochure.pdf
Cost Reduction Strategies for SMEsCost control should be an integral part of your business strategy, not something you turn to when your business hits hard times.Active Practice Update.pdf
Year End Tax Guide 2012/13MINIMIZE THE TAX YOU PAY For many, 2012 has been a tough year with the adverse weather affecting some businesses while the summer games have had differing effects on business. With the Government struggling to balance the public expenditure against tax revenues there is always the prospect of further stealth taxes around the corner fitchPWP_yearendtaxplanningguide2012-13.pdf
HR Update: Autumn 2012With the celebrations for the summer games coming to an end, our thoughts turn to some aspects of year end planning. For many businesses this often includes early planning and booking for celebrating the approaching year end and the company party season. But beware as this can lead to a number of problems…fitchAP_Oct12_hrupdate.pdf
Red Tape RegulationNew business regulations typically come into effect on two common commencement dates (CCDs) in April and October each year. Below is our summary of some recent and upcoming legislation changes from 1 October 2012 that may affect your business and your customers.fitchAP_Oct12_redtaperegs.pdf
Fitch Insider - October NewsletterWelcome to your October newsletter. Autoenrolment is inally kicking off and this month will see the largest employers automatically enrol their workers into a qualifying pension scheme. Do you and your employees know about the big changes that are happening?fitchInsider_Oct12_red.pdf
Minimising your personal tax liability YourNo one wishes to pay more tax than is necessary and good tax planning is an essential component in personal financial planning.Everyone’s situation is different, and tax rates, allowances andlegislation change every year. Without personal tax planning, youmay pay more than is necessary. Here are some of the key personaltax issues to consider.fitchAPUPTNov2012.pdf
Fitch Insider - December 2012 Welcome to your December newsletter! With 2012 drawing to a close, it’s a good time to review your tax minimisation plans. Could you be making better use of the available personal and business allowances to minimise your tax liability? While Christmas offers the perfect excuse to catch up with friends and family, don’t neglect your local market; we look at the ways your business could use the internet to keep in touch with vital customers and suppliers in the run up to, and during, the holidays.fitchInsiderDec12red.pdf
Real Time Information - are you readyReal Time Information (RTI) is a new system being introduced in April 2013 by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for the reporting of payroll information, which will effectively require employers and pension providers to provide detailed information to HMRC every time employees are paid rather than through the year end returnfitchAPURTINov2012.pdf
Fitch Insider - November NewsletterWelcome to your November Insider. This month we take a look at what you need to do now to prepare for the start of Real Time Information (RTI) in April next year. And as the temperature drops and thoughts turn to the festive period, we give a brief overview of some of the tax reliefs that are available for the Christmas season – have you planned your staff party yet?fitchInsiderNov2012R.pdf
Pricing strategiesThe purpose of this guide is to highlight some of the more important considerations for small and medium-sized businesses planning to develop or revise their pricing strategies.fitchPWP_APDec12_pricing.pdf
Successful retirementMany people spend time thinking about what retirement might look like inancially and this is particularly important now, especially given the uncertain state of the markets, the economy and interest rates.fitchPWP_APDec12_rplanning.pdf
Autumn StatementAs expected, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) downgraded its forecast for growth for the year 2012. The OBR believes that the UK economy will shrink by 0.1 per cent in 2012, compared with its Budget 2012 forecast of 0.8 per cent growth. Against this challenging backdrop, the Chancellor’s 2012 Autumn Statement outlined a range of measures aimed at making the savings needed to protect the economy and invest in programmes for growth.fitchPWP_Autumn_Statement_2012_web.pdf
HR Update: Winter 2012/13The start of the New Year is as good a time as any to review your business’s HR policies. In most cases, laying the ground rules on employee attendance now could avoid difficult situations further down the line.Active Practice Update HR WInter Update.pdf
Fitch Insider January 2013Welcome to your January 2013 newsletter. With the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement now delivered, we recap the measures affecting businesses. Was your high street lit up this Christmas? We look at a campaign to ‘save our Christmas’ amid council budget cuts and ind some money-raising inspiration for Christmas 2013. We also summarise the penalties for late Real Time Information (RTI) payments, announced this month by HMRC. Finally, the high income child benefit charge applies from 7 January 2013. Find out what to do if you missed the deadline for opting out of the benefit.Fitch Insider January.pdf
Pensions UpdateThe auto-enrolment scheme for workplace pensions began in October 2012. Between then and February 2018 all employers, regardless of size, will have to automatically enrol all employees into a workplace pension and start making contributions on their behalf. The scheme is being phased in, starting with the largest employers first.fitchPWP_AP_Mar13_retirementup.pdf
SEO and Social Media StrategiesWhat are the best ways to optimise your online content for search purposes?fitchPWP_AP_Mar13_seo.pdf
Fitch Insider - March NewsletterWelcome to your March newsletter. This month, we discuss the self-assessment deadline; did you get yours in on time, did you file online, or are you yet to submit? Elsewhere, the countdown to Real Time Information (RTI) is into its final month - is your business prepared? We also explore calls for the March Budget to be re-asserted as the key annual announcement on fiscal and economic policy making; could it be the end of the Autumn Statement as we know it? Finally, with the end of the tax year fast approaching, we explore the tax savings and allowances you may want to take advantage of. fitchPWP_Insider_Mar13_red.pdf
Budget Report 2013Chancellor George Osborne’s fourth Budget statement was delivered on 20 March 2013 against ongoing challenges within the domestic and global economies. The UK economy shrank by 0.3 per cent at the end of 2012, and lost its Moody’s AAA credit rating in February for the first time since the 1970s.fitchPWP_Budget2013_PRINT_blue_calculator_default.pdf
Regulation and rate changes: April 2013New business rules and regulations come into effect on ‘common commencement dates’ in April and October each year. The new tax year also begins on 6 April, bringing new rates and allowances into effect.fitchPWP_May13_AP_regs.pdf
Tax efficient savings and investmentsNew business rules and regulations come into effect on ‘common commencement dates’ in April and October each year. The new tax year also begins on 6 April, bringing new rates and allowances into effect.fitchPWP_May13_AP_taxefsav.pdf
Fitch Insider - May newsletterWelcome to your May newsletter. This month, the Government’s business bank got underway, with the irst £300 million set aside to lend to small and medium sized businesses. Elsewhere, new business regulations came into force on 6 April; we look at changes to national insurance contributions rules for ‘sleeping’ partners as well as to credit and debit card payment surcharges.fitchPWP_May2013_insider_red.pdf
HR Update: Spring 2013n this update, we focus on managing an employee’s return to work after a stress-related absence.fitchPWP_May13_AP_regs.pdf
Pay As You Earn (PAYE) updateWe take a look at developments in Pay As You Earn since our last Active Practice Update on this topic.fitchPWP_Apr13_AP_PAYE.pdf
Fitch Insider - April NewsletterWelcome to your April newsletter. This month,we recap the Chancellor’s Budget and look at the highlight announcements that could affect your business or personal "nances. Also, the Deputy Prime Minister outlined plans to give employers greater influence over apprenticeship quali"cations and standards; what would this mean in practice? We examine responses to the news that millions of UK adults have left work to care for a family member.fitchPWP_Apr13_insider_red.pdf
Fitch Insider - June NewsletterWhen a business bids for a job, usually you will draw up a quotation or an estimate and the contract will be negotiated on that basis. But for large jobs, extended periods of supply, and most public sector contracts, a more formal process of tendering may be required.Active practice June - tendering for contracts.pdf
Company Car Taxation“Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car.” E. B. WhiteAP Company Car Tax.pdf
Successful retirement planningThis guide looks at some important considerations when planning for income in retirement.fitchPWP_june13_FU_srp.pdf
Fitch Insider: June 2013 NewsletterWelcome to your June newsletter. This month, we take a look at the proposed legislation announced in the Queen’s Speech and consider how businesses are likely to be affected. We touch upon the relaxation of employee share buy-back rules for businesses, intended to encourage take up of the employee-ownership model. We also talk technology and ask if your business needs a more modern approach to the way it operates.fitchPWP_june13_insider_red.pdf
Fitch Insider - July NewsletterThis month, we look at why job creation and business growth could be boosted by the Government’s new Employment Allowance, which wipes the irst £2,000 off an employer’s national insurance bill. It was announced this month that small irms have been given more time to become fully compliant with the new Real Time Information system for PAYE reporting.Fitch Insider July 2013.pdf
HR Update - Summer 2013In this update, we focus on employee engagement best practice techniques. We also look at a recent social media bullying and harassment case study.HR Update - Summer 2013.pdf
Active Practice Updates: Value added TaxWe take a look at developments with VAT since our last Active Practice Update on this topic.Value Added Tax.pdf
Economic update KeyIs the UK finally on the road to economic recovery? We take a look at how our economy has fared over the last six months.Active Practice Updates Economic Update.pdf
Starting in businessWe take a look at what to do, and what to avoid, when starting-up a new business.Active Practice Updates Starting in Business.pdf
Fitch Insider - August NewsletterWelcome to your August newsletter. This month, we look at the latest list of new regulations due to come into effect for businesses over the next six months. Elsewhere, we consider the benefits of being an employee owned business.Fitch Insider Aug.pdf
Regulation and rate changes Employment Most new regulations affecting businesses come into force on ‘common commencement dates’ in April and October each year.AP Updates Regulation and rate changes.pdf
Fitch Insider - October 2013This month, we look at guidance from small business and banking bodies on ways to make the bank manager say ‘yes’ to your business loan application. Financial reporting rules for the UK’s 1.5 million micro-businesses were relaxed last month; we look at what this means in practiceFitch Insider October 2013.pdf
HR Update: Autumn 2013In this HR update, we look at zero hours contracts, some dos and dont’s when hiring new staff and a racial discrimination case.HR Update Autumn 2013.pdf
HR Update Winter 2013/14We look at developments in human resources since our last update on this topicfitchPWP_APU_Jan14_hrupdate.pdf
Mobile phones for employeesWe look at the intricacies of rules around mobile phones and loans to employees. fitchPWP_APU_Jan14_mobiles.pdf
Fitch Insider - January Newsletter Welcome to your January newsletter. In this issue, we look at research that revealed the UK’s SME population reached a six-year high in 2013. The Government has launched a consultation into the use of zero hours contracts; we examine some of the options put forward. The deadline for real-time PAYE reporting has been relaxed for micro employers; we take a look at the finer detail. And, in Your Money news, we consider the possible effects of the upcoming changes to the lifetime allowance for pension savings. fitchPWP_Insider_Jan14_Red.pdf
Budget Report 2014The economic backdrop to Chancellor George Osborne’s fifth Budget statement was decidedly more positive than it was when he moved into Number 11 in 2010. The economy grew by 1.8% in 2013, three times more than the Office for Budget Responsibility predicted at the Budget in March 2013. The OBR has now upgraded its growth forecast for 2014 to 2.7% and to 2.3% for 2015. Employment grew by 105,000 in the quarter to January 2014, driven by a surge in self employment,and the unemployment rate is down to 7.2%. But it isn’t all good news. Inflation fell to 1.9% in January this year but average pay grew by 1.4% in the three months to January. Budget calculator 2014.pdf
Pensions BrochureA guide to automatic enrolment and the employer dutiesPensions-Brochure.pdf
Pensions BrochureA guide to automatic enrolment and the employer dutiesPensions-Brochure.pdf
Fitch Insider - September NewsletterWelcome to your September newsletter. With the Olympics over, we take a look at some of the opportunities the Government believes the Olympic legacy may bring to the economy - have you considered what business opportunities are available for you?fitchInsider_Sept12_red.pdf
Tax and your businessDon't miss out on tax saving opportunities. Planning fir the year ahead will benefit your business - this guide covers some important considerations for unincorporated businesses.fitchAP_Sept12_taxandbusiness.pdf
Estate PlanningThat you should leave something behind for your loved ones is a gratifying thought, whatever the size of your estate.fitchAP_Sept12_estateplanning.pdf
Exiting your businessEvery business owner should have an exit strategy in place, and as more and more owners and directors approach retirement, is now the time to look at your exit stategy?Active Practice August 2012 exit your business.pdf
Economic UpdateWith the UK economy now in a deeper double dip recession than most expected coupled with the ongoing challenges around the Eurozone, it is evident that while we enjoy the peak performances of our athletes in the Olympics and Paralympics, our economy is far from growing or healthy.Active Practice August 2012 Economic update.pdf
Fitch Insider - August newsletterWelcome to your August newsletter. This month, we look at some of the small steps you can take to ensure your business is better protected during these economically challenging times.Fitch Insider August 12.pdf
Fitch Insider - July NewsletterWelcome to your July newsletter. This month, the country goes sporting mad! With Euro 2012 football, Wimbledon and the Olympics all taking place, we take a look at HMRC's warning to employers hiring temporary workers over the busy period - are they here legally and is PAYE being correctly applied?fitchInsider_July2012_red.pdf
The use of trusts and inheritance taxTrusts can play an important role in inheritance tax planning, but the circumstances must be right. We take a look at the various available trusts, and when a trust may not be appropriate.Trusts and Inheritance.pdf
HR Update - Summer 2012As the summer's sporting events kick off we take a look at how they could impact on your business.AP HR Update.pdf
A guide to tendering for contractsWhen a business bids for a job, usually you will draw up a quotation or an estimate and the contract will be negotiated on that basis. But for large jobs, extended periods of supply, and most public sector contracts, a more formal process of tendering may be required.Active practice June - tendering for contracts.pdf
Fitch Insider - JuneWelcome to your June newsletter. This month, we weigh up the benefits and pitfalls of employing contractor staff for your business.fitch Insider June 2012 red.pdf
Company car taxation"Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car." E. B. WhiteAP Company Car Tax.pdf
Fitch Insider - May NewsletterWelcome to your May newsletter. With the new tax year well under way, this issue brings you some of the new tax rates and allowances which you may want to take advantage of.fitchinsidermay2012red.pdf
Saving with a Tax AdvantageThe past few years have seen households focus on reducing household debt and increase their savings. Tax advantaged saving still provides a valuable boost to the saving regime and so in this update we look at some of the opportunities for you to consider together with your professional advisers.fitchapmay2012-sta.pdf
You don't have a Will?Various surveys indicate that about two-thirds of adults fail to make a Will. Even those who do may still be caught by the rules of intestacy.fitchapmay2012-i.pdf
Budget Report 2012This Report, written immediately after the Chancellor of the Exchequer delivered his Budget Speech, provides an overview of the announcements most likely to affect you and your business.fitchbrmar2012.pdf