Accountancy and Taxation Services for Individuals


Like it or not, we live in an increasingly complex world and as local and national governments struggle to balance their books, the individual is under-attack like never before. Whether you are an employee or self-employed, an investor or approaching retirement, there's never been a more important time to get the best possible advice from an accomplished firm of accountants. We not only structure your affairs to make them as tax-efficient as possible, but we're also prepared to stand up for you in the face of the heavy hand of HMRC and others if necessary.

Fitch provides the full range of tax advisory services that you would expect from one of the region's most forward-thinking firms of accountants, including:

Personal tax planning:

Careful and effective planning can produce significant savings.

Trust and estate planning:

Let our specialist team help you protect your wealth.

Business structure Healthcheck Review:

We make sure your business is set up to provide you with the most tax-efficient vehicle for your earnings and wealth generation/protection.

Tax Review:

We'll undertake a detailed review of your tax affairs to make certain you pay the right amount of tax - and not a penny more. (This review normally results in repayment of overpaid tax - sometimes substantial amounts!)

Your Personal Balance Sheet:

How much are you worth? This key report provides an instant snapshot of your personal wealth - an important starting point for long-term legacy planning.

Renumeration Planner:

We'll advise you on the most tax-efficient way to take profits from your business.

Employee benefits:

We can assist you in reducing the burden of the compliance tasks and in planning tax-efficient renumeration packages for your employees.

Investment strategies:

We'll check what's the most tax-efficient way to structure your investments.

Planning for retirement:

Are you saving enough to provide for a comfortable retirement? We'll check and give you advice on how to meet your needs.

Advanced Tax Strategies - Are you earning £50k or more?

If you are generating profits or earnings in excess of £50k+ we can also offer you exclusive legal and ethical advanced tax strategies which are not available mainstream or through the vast majority of accountants. These strategies provide access to some very sophisticated yet robust opportunities which allow you to keep more of your earnings and invest more in your future. Click here for details.

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